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No gym membership fees. No cut from your hourly fees.

If you're still working for a gym, ask yourself why!

The majority of gyms/clubs have you working "floor hours" for minimum wage, 30 hours per week before they allow you to personal train during your non-scheduled "floor hours." "Floor hours" is the time you will spend wiping down equipment, folding towels, and walking the gym floor selling yourself as a trainer. When you do get to personal train, on average, clubs give you 52% of your training fee hourly rate. With this scenario, you will have to work 10+ hours per day to make ends meet. Not only that, but 30 of those hours a week you are a Janitor and Salesman for the club. Before I made the switch to becoming an Independent Trainer, I remember working 15 hour days and having problems with my managers and co-workers when I tried to switch my scheduled "floor hours" to accommodate a new training client. Gyms/clubs also like to tell you that when you get more certifications or have a larger personal training client base they will give you a new title like "lead" or "master" trainer and a slightly higher percentage of your training fee. If you have clients now and they are achieving their goals, why are you waiting for the club to give you more money from what you've earned?

Becoming an Independent Trainer means never having to ask a “boss” again for 2% more of training fees that should already be 100% yours.

Let me give you an example: 

You work 30 “floor hours” at $10 per hour. Then you train 10 additional hours a week. The club charges $85.00 per personal training session of which you receive 52% or $44.20. After your 40 hour week, you've made $742 and the club made $408. On top of this, your client is paying a additional $500 to $1200 a year for their membership.  This money could be going to you for more sessions. If you were an Independent Trainer, and only worked 30 hours a week at $85 a session, you would make $2550. You pay B5 it's $20 an hour rental fee for using the space so 20 x 30 training hours is $600.  This will give you a net of $1950 and you worked 10 hours less. 

So now you might be thinking, “but how much is liability insurance or health insurance going to cost me if I'm on my own?” Not as much as you might think. Health insurance for an individual is about $400 per month and Injury liability insurance coverage for a year is about $350. You can click on these links and investigate further.

So if you're tired of someone else controlling your life and your financial potential, then make the change today and start working for yourself. Trust me, any sense of security you think you have at the club is far outweighed by the feeling you will have when you are your own boss.